Bob Thomson


Brief info

Served as hands-on SEC Controller for CIG Wireless Corp., from 2014 to current, and directly responsible for
the preparation and filing of the company's 10K and 10Q, and all SEC reporting.
Served as hands-on Turn-Around specialist for Connectivity Wireless Solutions, during 2014, and directly
responsible for company-wide assessment of missed profits, corrections, functional operations, warehousing,
inventory, accounting & finance, debt, banking, and recommended financial turn-around of the company
through the development of a 5-7 year plan.
Served as hands-on Interim US Corporate Controller for Q-Matic Corporation during 2013, and directly
responsible for US corporate accounting, assessment of process flow improvements, staff development, ERP
system improvements.
Served as hands-on Interim Chief Financial Officer and Turn-Around specialist for ACS Solutions, during
2013, and directly responsible for functional, operational and financial turn-around of the company.
Served as hands-on Corporate Controller and Interim Chief Financial Officer for NeoMedia Technologies from
2008-2012, and directly responsible for all SEC related filings and matters.

Chief Financial Officer