S&A Computer Services, Inc., was founded in January 1991 by Stephen Bowker and Amy Easterday. Combining their skills and degrees in Engineering and Business, respectively, they started S&A Engineering. S&A’s primary business was upgrading motherboards, but quickly expanded their service offerings to include hardware repair, IMAC-D and network configuration. In May 1991, they moved into office and warehouse space on Mansell Road in Roswell, GA, added three employees, and changed the company name to S&A Computer Services. In August 1991, S&A Computer Services, Inc. was officially incorporated in the state of Georgia as an S-Corp. In 1994, S&A acquired foreign entity status in the state of Arizona and acquired warehouse and office space. The company continued to grow and in 2004 S&A became a preferred service provider for the leading OEM in computer hardware. In 2008, S&A acquired a dba as SA IT Services, Inc. From 2005-2010, SA experienced rapid growth as a preferred provider for many OEMs, and expanded operations to 48 states and 6 Canadian provinces. Today, SA is a recognized leader in the IT industry and the “go to” resource for small, medium and enterprise clients.