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Managed IT Services for Financial Institutions

why use sa it?

  • 30 Years Financial Industry Expertise
  • Experience in Banking Compliance & Regulatory
  • Comprehensive Manage IT Service Provider for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions
  • Nationwide Footprint for Service Availability
  • Innovative Strategies and Roadmaps for Collaborative Processes with Financial Institutions
  • Customized Predictably Priced Solutions for Credit Unions & Banks
  • Satisfaction and Zero Breach Guarantees
  • Zero Down Time, 24/7 Monitoring and Live Helpline
  • Flexible and Full Service Offering for banks, credit unions and finance

Don’t go it alone 

Your dedicated team shouldn’t be bogged down with IT issues while trying to do their utmost to service your customers. Overwhelming IT problems can be quite the hassle to figure out in-house.

SA IT offers comprehensive Managed IT Services that give your team the freedom to work almost completely unhindered by technological challenges.


Do you already have an IT staff? Contact us and ask about our partnership structure where we can support and supplement what you already have, working together to manage every IT support need. Our primary goal is to work with you, remove your common pain points and allow day-to-day operations to continue smoothly.

We’ve done this before 

You can rely on the available experience of our professional team. Ask us about the services currently in place today. Our team has achieved efficiency in one case that was implemented at over 1000 banking sites – improving a challenge with lags in the account opening process.

SAIT performed the following tasks:

  • Assessed error rate and inefficiencies
  • Created entirely new system to improve customer experience
  • Addressed individual position responsibilities and gave behavioral models for improvement
  • Implemented management training
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Increased success rate by 142%
  • A side benefit emerged, giving the staff more company buy-in
  • Historic 2 week turnaround times were reduced to under 1 hour
  • Reduced carbon footprint by shaving the need for use of 5m pieces of paper company-wide

[For privacy agreement reasons, the Fortune 500 institution prefers anonymity]

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Contact us. We’ll help.

Managed IT Services with excellence 

Working hard to be a managed IT services company that will

✓ assess and address all your business technology challenges
✓ keep your company culture one that is upbeat and efficient
✓ consistently press in to keep your business running like clockwork

— is exactly what we do.

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