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Security and Device Monitoring by SA IT Services


SA IT provides what you need

Our Security Device Management Services provide organizations with full maintenance, updates, rule changes, tuning and 24/7 monitoring by our security experts.

Install, Secure, Protect

Clients are able to leverage their current technology investment, using leading security vendors. Security devices such as firewalls, next generation firewalls and endpoint security solutions must be properly provisioned, updated and patched to protect against internal and external threats. Policies, signatures and rules need to be updated and maintained to ensure accessibility, provide security and to comply with regulations. Security best practices and many regulations also require continuous monitoring to detect and respond to threats.

Monitor around the clock

Managing security devices, however, requires a specialized skill set and constant attention. Keeping these solutions updated and patched while monitoring them 24/7 is a challenge for many organizations. SA reduces that burden for clients with monitoring and management solutions that provides updates, tuning and 24/7 monitoring by our security experts.

SA IT can monitor your IT infrastructure for you…