Whether you need to have digital signage installed for advertising, or want to give your site a sleek and compelling look, SA is your partner for trouble free installation. Our network of technicians is able to handle any size job at locations across the United States and Canada, and our experience includes everything from large flat-panel TVs to digital advertising displays.

From our Operations Center in Atlanta, we manage the entire process for you, including:

  • Service request intake quoting;
  • Sourcing of resources for your project;
  • Scheduling of a site preparation, if necessary;
  • Staging of product at the installation site;
  • Unpacking of displays, installation brackets, and other parts;
  • Site cabling, if necessary;
  • Unit installation at its designated location;
  • Connection, powering-up, and testing of unit(s);
  • Removal and disposition of packaging;
  • Sign-off on work completion.

SA’s takes care of the details so that you can save time and money, and focus on what matters most – running your business.