IT Consulting


SA brings over 26 years of experience to help your company develop the best plan to match your IT strategy to your business strategy and then execute it in a way that others cannot. As an IT services provider, our staff of experienced professionals cover a wide spectrum of IT skills from Network Design and Implementations to Recruiting, Project Management, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery and VCIO Consulting service. Our depth of knowledge and experience in applying industry best practice is without comparison.


SA’s IT Consulting Services include:


SA’s -VCIO Consulting Service will provide technology plans to keep your business up to date by utilizing our roadmap assessment platform.

SA’s -QBR Service is our quarterly business review for enhancing a firm’s focus and attentiveness on IT policies and Business Continuity Plans.

SA’s -Network Design & Implementation Service, delivers reliable networking connectivity to your business, in order to keep your business up and running day after day with little to no downtime.

SA’s -Project Management service is designed to drive the right outcomes across the full spectrum of project types.

SA’s -Business Continuity Planning is designed to document and test BCP processes to ensure your business operations are resilient in the face of disaster.



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