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Top 4 Reasons to Consider a Technology Upgrade for Your Business

During difficult economic periods companies typically reduce budget, reduce staff, and postpone technology upgrades. While such cost cutting measures are often prudent and necessary in the short term, technology experts warn that managing for the short term can become costly long term. Erik Eckel, IT consultant, writes, “Suspending hardware investments can prove short sighted. Eliminating system replacements and PC upgrades…

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Managed Print Services: Key Considerations

Many companies do not realize the amount of expense they actually incur in supporting print service needs for their organization. Most companies do not even track printing costs, and according to Buyers Laboratory, 90% of companies surveyed do not track printing costs. Furthermore, InfoTrends and All Associates, documented similar findings in their report, Assessing and Benchmarking Document Output Costs. The…

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Evolution of Workforce Strategy

The reality of today’s trying economic climate has forced organizations of all sizes and across all industries to reevaluate their approach to workforce staffing. Not long ago, employers worried about the balance of union vs. non-union labor. However, today, the focus has largely shifted to decisions of hiring W-2 payroll employees, 1099 independent contractors, or an outsourced staff through vendors.…

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing promises new career opportunities for IT professionals. In many cases, existing core skill sets transfer directly to cloud technologies. In other instances, IT pros need to develop new skill sets that meet the demand of emerging cloud job roles. Download

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