What’s the advantage of Advanced Exchanges?

Time is money 

Productivity, and admittedly also revenue, are potentially suffering when you have downtime that you didn’t plan for.

The SA IT Advance Exchanges service has one objective… to get you and your device back working as soon as possible. Our primary goal is to reduce recovery time from weeks down to days or in some cases, hours.

Can we get that tomorrow? 

If you require quick replacement of equipment, consider our Advance Exchange service.

Once we set you up with our team, with one call or web click we can send a like-for-like replacement. Like, immediately. Once you get the replacement, you check it’s all good to go and you’re back in business!

At that point the rest is a breeze. You simply place your defective unit in the same shipping container and return it to us for repair and restocking. We’ll repair the item before placing it into your company’s inventory pool. On top of that we will of course pre-configure and test it thoroughly so it’s ready for the next time you need it.

it services that manage your infrastructure like advanced exchanges
it's so easy to exchange your broken or faulty computer

Key advantages to SA’s Advanced Exchange

  • Quick and easy access to a preconfigured, plug-and-play supply of equipment
  • Like-for-like replacements are guaranteed by the next business day
  • Provides a replacement unit before the return of the malfunctioning device
  • Rapidly gets you back to being productive and on track to work on daily business tasks