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IT Consulting

From a team that understands the industry | Shaping the future of your company’s IT environment

SA brings 30 years of experience to help your company develop the best plan to match your IT strategy to your business strategy and then execute it in a way that others cannot.

As an IT services provider, our staff of experienced professionals cover a wide spectrum of IT skills from network design and implementation to recruiting, project management, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery and Virtual CIO (VCIO) consulting. Our depth of knowledge and experience are without peer.

What benefits are there with SA’s consultation?

Network Design & Implementation

Delivers reliable networking connectivity to your business in order to keep it up and running day after day with little to no downtime

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Designs, documents, and tests BCP processes to ensure your business operations are resilient in the face of disaster

Project Management

Drives the right outcomes on time and on budget across all project types

VCIO (Virtual CIO) Consulting

Provides high-level strategic technology expertise to help you implement the right technology to keep your business from falling behind in availability of leading edge tools and infrastructure to your team